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Maintaining our integrity is our cardinal value. We strive to keep our commitments. To our shareholders. To our investors. To the public.

Values, for us, aren't just talk. They underlie everything we do.

Superior, For a Better Tomorrow



We believe each tomorrow will be better if we: 

• Do each thing well.
• Deliver desired results.
• Deliver results on time.
• Do what's right.
• Employ excellent people.
• Be a good neighbor.


Superior, For a Better Future


A successful future is a succession of careful steps.  We will take on challenges, but only after analyzing the relevant facts.  Occasional failures will be regarded as learning experiences. 

We believe the worth of a company's ultimate success is measured not only financially but to the degree it maintains its values and integrity. Every today. Every tomorrow.

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Superior's Progress  - Little information has been released to the public in the last several years.  Negative developments built and came to a head four years ago.  Three years ago it appeared our company would close its doors.  In 2013 our common stock was de-registered at the SEC.   From this low, our management has devoted extraordinary efforts to correcting the company’s posture and future.  The brief disclosures made below highlight the progress made, show how it was made, and mark a path for future progress.



8 Feb

PR Newswire  - American Energy - Woodford, LLC Raises $680 Million To Acquire A Central Northern Oklahoma Woodford Shale Leasehold Position Of Up To 200,000 Net Acres And Current Production Of 6,000 BOE Per Day.


The Oklahoman - Devon building pipeline system to serve emerging oil field Devon Energy Corp. is installing a complex network of oil, gas and water lines to service wells in central Oklahoma's Woodford oil shale.

Superior Oil and Gas


Relationships Count


Mineral Owners

Our Oklahoma relationships run deep. Nothing makes us happier than to take our neighbor mineral owners to the next level of prosperity.

Unlike most larger oil companies, Superior's management has personal connections with many of the mineral owners.

Our families have lived in Oklahoma for generations as the communities' lawyers, mayors, coaches, teachers, doctors, oilmen, farmers, and businessmen. We live the Oklahoma way of life.


Every investor has a story. Some are very wealthy. Some are not. Many are long time friends of management. Many are family.

Superior is dependent upon the goodwill of its investors. The maintenance of this goodwill is a daily concern of the company.

We strive to maximize the Investors' return on their capital responsibly and prudently.


We believe that investments in oil and gas can contribute importantly to the financial needs of an investor's future generations.

Our geologists focus on opportunities that we believe will attend to these long-term goals.


Superior Oil and Gas Energy for Excellence


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